Dave Stevens
Author/ Illustrator

What you can expect with a workshop.

Workshops are best suited for students in the grades 4 - 9 range where attention is more focused.

A Workshop will consist of the following:

* A PowerPoint showing the processes involved in creating the books. This involves the brainstorming, the research, the preliminary drawings, the finished drawings and illustrations, the text and the layout of the pages for the books.

* There will also be a guided lesson for participants to engage their imaginations and to create their own cartoons.

(Dave will provide a JPEG worksheet for the participants that the school can copy beforehand. He asks that the students have drawing materials – pencils, erasers, coloured pencils and paper.)

Workshop Size and Duration:

Workshops are approximately one hour in length.

Each workshop is designed for approximately 30 students although larger groups are possible depending on space. The limitation is that the young people will require a clean flat surface to draw and colour on. A classroom would be best suited for this activity although other options can be considered. Having to change rooms would require some prep time to set up the digital projector and dimmed rooms are preferable for projected images.

Workshop Cost:

One workshop at a local school would cost $100 and Dave can do a couple of these per school. If a school requires a longer drive of more then half and hour from Nanaimo, Dave charges an additional $20.


What’s Needed:


2. Drawing supplies – pencils or pens, coloured pencils or paints, and paper.

3. Screen or wall to project onto. (Dave has his own laptop computer and digital


You can order the book from Ingram Publishing at a 40% discount or on line from Amazon.com or .ca

Dave may also have copies of the book available for purchase for $21.00 each.