Dave Stevens
Author/ Illustrator

Have an author/illustrator visit your program.

 Dave is an art educator who taught in the public system for thirty years. During that time he also worked as an artist, illustrator and cartoonist.

Since retiring in 2012 he has illustrated three books based on creatures from British Columbia. The first is Weirdly Wonderful, A-Z. ,the second is Amazing Airborne, A-Z and the third is Eccentric Earthlings, A-Z.


Dave is available for presentations about his books and leading workshops on cartooning.

The books provide connections between reality and imagination. They are designed to be both entertaining and informative (code for educational). They have been enjoyed by young people of all ages and even adults laugh out loud when they see the images Dave has created.

See the section on workshops if you want further information.

If you are looking for David's Art website please go to: davidtstevens.ca