Dave Stevens
Author/ Illustrator


Francie Willumsen, Customer Services & Events

Fraser Valley Regional Library - George Mackie Library

"Dave led a very engaging cartooning workshop, held at the George Mackie Library, during Spring Break.  There were 25 children, aged to be in Grades 5-7, in attendance. 

Being an illustrator as well as a former art teacher, he had a great rapport with the children.  He was very patient, encouraging and he appealed to all skill levels.  The children all had a great time, and it was wonderful to see their excitement as they shared their individual creations afterwards.  We look forward to having him facilitate similar workshops in the future."


Noah Choy - Media Arts Instructor at Delview Secondary:

"Thank you for coming in, it was a great display of your work and showing how an artist develops ideas into a well thought out project"


Janice Choy - Librarian at McCloskey Elementary School, Delta.

"Thank you for your engaging, informative presentation on Friday."