Dave Stevens


(posted on 14 Apr 2024)

Amazing Airborne A-Z presents B.C. creatures that spend at least some of their time in the air.
Some insects spend most of their time on the ground, then fly to new locations. A few moths and butterflies not indigenous to B.C. have become part of public or private collections in B.C.
Setting up a bird feeder is the best way to view Anna’s Hummingbird because they fly so quickly. Otherwise, you may only experience an impression of something whizzing by, but you may not see it because it moves so fast. The bird was named after Anna Masséna, Duchess of Rivoli, a French lady.
The male of the species has iridescent colour on its head and throat to attract the rather drab
coloured female. They head to British Columbia to mate.

Georgia O’Keeffe is a well-known American artist. In New York she met and married the photographer Alfred Stieglitz in 1924. In 1929 she bought a property in the desert around Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, an area that inspired her. She is widely respected as one of America’s top modern artists and she has created several pieces that resonate with me. I am attracted to her use of colour and shape with her abstracts plus the created floral patterns and skull images. Most of her work has clean, hard images although O’Keeffe at times lets hard edges become soft and ethereal.

Georgia O'Keeffe