Dave Stevens


(posted on 13 Dec 2023)

Found in underwater rocky crevasses and caves in the Pacific Ocean, the wolf eel
can easily be recognized by its large head and powerful jaws which are able to break shellfish. Their bite can be very painful for humans, but they tend to be friendly unless you are another wolf eel. They mate for life and guard their caves and eggs aggressively. Despite their name, they are finned fish rather than eels.

Tristan Unrau was a student at North Delta who has made a name for himself locally,
nationally and internationally. He formed an interesting art triumvirate in grade 10 with classmates Suki and Harkeerat and he was involved with Sonny Assu’s blanket piece in Grade 12.
Graduation also saw Tristan showing with Harkeerat at the Bushlin Mowatt Gallery. He earned
his Bachelors of Arts degree from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and then completed his
Masters of Fine Arts at the University of California, Los Angeles. He recently sold through shows in New York and Los Angeles. Tristan has been a finalist three times in the Royal Bank of Canada Painting Competition and he has displayed work at the Vancouver Art Gallery as an Emerging artist in Canada. Such noteworthy accomplishments!
Special thanks to the Sebastian Gladstone Gallery , in LA, for their permission in using some of
their images of Tristan’s work.


Tristan in his studio